Your Own Trading Style

Your Own Trading Style

Below a picture of my own version of Okies trade I have been doing this week.   I have adjusted the trade throughout the week and ending it to play out today with a downside risk of just $140 and potential profit upwards of $1000 on 1 contract. 

I started last week selling the 1/11 2645 call and buying the 1/14 2650 call.

Okie sent out an alert Monday that included a double diagonal with the 1/11 2595 call and the 1/14 2600 call.  That gave me a lower price point to profit on making more of a range based trade.  Now the market has been moving up fairly nice and there could be potential China news released today.  So, today I added on by selling the 1/11 2680 call and buying the 1/14 2670 call.

With this set up my max loss under 2554 is just $140 with 10X the potential from profit if the market continues to move up.  Great odds and a great set up that I can look at adjusting tomorrow to the downside if we get downside movement (this will be a game time decision and potential adjustment shown below).

The point of this is work with us to teach you how to trade like this, following others trades is great but when you can input your own ideas into the trades the possibilities are endless.  Let us know if you have any questions about any trades that either I or Okie make.  We are available in the chatroom daily and love teaching you all different strategies.