Weekly Update

Weekly Update

Good morning team,


Well the first week of 2021 is off to a heck of a start! Our futures trades have realized +$4654.50 on 8 trades over the week winning 7 with only 1 loss.


Our options have realized over $2500 this week after hitting TSLA, BIDU, the QQQ spread, DDD, BETZ and SQ with taking a small loss in APPN. I also have over $10,000 unrealized gains in the longer term account which I have posted most in here and the futures/long term growth account.

The long term trades and long term reasoning/newsletter will be posted in the discord group along with the futures alerts from now on.


If you would like access it is only $50 per quarter or $200 per year for access to the group. It's about as good of a deal as you can ask for considering YTD in just 1 week we've realized near $6000 with another $10,000+ unrealized in a week by following just that group.


You can sign up here: https://launchpass.com/incomeswitch-futures-chat/premium


Overall moving forward I was much less aggressive this week, I am waiting for another pull back like we got on Monday to start loading up more positions.


A heck of a start to 2021 and as I've said before, I'm feeling real good about this year!