SWCH This Weeks Stock

SWCH This Weeks Stock



Our next stock of the week is SWCH, Switch Inc.  


Switch is a company based in Las Vegas, Nevada, that develops and operates the SUPERNAP data center facilities and provides colocation, telecommunications, cloud services, and content ecosystems.  Switch Inc. Switch, Inc. is a technology infrastructure company. The Company is developer and operator of the SUPERNAP, data center facilities, and provides colocation, telecommunications, cloud services, and content ecosystems. The Company designs, constructs and operates hyperscale data centers that address the growing challenges facing the data center industry. The Company's patented technologies include 100% hot aisle containment rows, exterior wall penetrating multi-mode HVAC units, hot and cold containment segregation structure, redundant data center roofing system, multi-system power containers, data center infrastructure management system (DCIM).

They recently added another data center in Grand Rapids, MI and have announced a 1million sq. ft. facility being built in Atlanta, GA.


Switch has hundreds of clients, including Fortune 1000 companies. According to The Register, "organizations turn to Switch for black-ops projects, spam filtering of the most serious proportions, utility computing projects, data warehouses at casinos, modeling, online games and ordinary e-commerce"


Switch developed an over $5 trillion purchasing cooperative to allow customers to collectively purchase telecommunications and other services across all of its campuses.


I believe SWCH to be building a nice entry for a long term trade here.  I will be purchasing a small amount of shares in our portfolio to hold throughout the year.    I will look to add to this position above $17.00 and $20.50