New October Pricing

New October Pricing

Just as a heads up!

We are slowly becoming a bigger, more trusted service and as more members join our team the more expensive it becomes to run Income Switch.  On top of that it becomes more work for our admins and traders.  Since I like to keep the admins happy and around (seriously, its a lot of work and gets pretty lonely doing that alone) I tend to pay them a nice part of what we do.  Because of that, the cost of our membership is increasing to $50 per month starting October 1st. If you are a current member or sign up by the first of October you will be grandfathered in at the current rate of $35 per month or $335 per year.  However, if you unsubscribe and resubscribe you will not be locked in at the current price and will have to pay the updated price.  I suggest if you plan on being a member for awhile, take advantage of the low cost we have now.  $335 gets you a years access right now or as members you can still get lifetime access for $600 but both options will be going away come October 1st.

Current members and members who join and stay before October first:
$35 per month
$335 per year
$600 lifetime access

Come October 1st for new members:
$50 per month
$500 per year
$950 lifetime access

Let us know if you have any questions.