A New Service and What I Learned

A New Service and What I Learned

Well, down in Florida I saw all of this happening. It's been a steady decline and decreasing volume. All that mattered is picking up some volume and having a big catalyst *Caterpillars earnings call* to get the market either running green or crashing. Unfortunately for those with a long portfolio we hit the wrong side of the coin.

So what do we do?

Easy. Nothing. Luckily for us the majority of our plays are far enough out that we can easily manage them. We can leverage our portfolios against days like this which we did successfully today. Yes, we had a losing day in the books but in the long run with the moves we made we are in a better position to have bigger gains down the road.

What did I learn? Trust our gut. When we see the market trending a certain way we need to be more proactive towards that. Had I not been in Florida I could have leveraged much quicker and had a huge thousand dollar plus gain today while my portfolio sank. The good news is you live and you learn. As much as I needed that time in the sun I take full responsibility for not warning you all about the potential drop.

I'm going to be starting a new SPY Trade Of The Day. Buy a Put or a Call. This is a DAYTRADE so you must have a cash account or you must be able to day trade in your margin account. This is 1 trade you can make based on the direction I see the markets going. Jeez, had I played what I saw earlier today would have been a much better day for all of us.


Keep trusting the system and it all will continue to work out.