5/14-5/18 Account Update

5/14-5/18 Account Update

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5/14-5/18 Account Update

BLNK -7%
VVPR +5%
SPY puts +60%.
Spy calls swing +20%
TLT -35% 
OXY calls for 28% swing trade
TEVA 100%, TGT 60%, NKE 80%, TWX - 25%, CZR 20%, IWM 25%, COST 22% and GE 26%
40% on NVDA lotto short yesterday. 
Closed out wmt -20% 
BABA crack -30%
Out CHK Long 60% gain

Average 24% gain for the week.



We don't make trades that aren't also directly going into our accounts.  Other traders put out a bunch of trades they don't personally make and hope to hit 50% of them.  We make all the trades with you so if they lose we hurt with you and when they win we party with you.

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