$25k Challenge starting October 2019

$25k Challenge starting October 2019
I will be starting a 25k challenge starting October 1st.
  • I will be settling my trading account anywhere between 20-25k depending on where it settles by then after moving trades in and out
  • I will live stream my portfolio
  • I will send exact trades so you can emulate the trade in your own account if you choose. Example "SOLD +20 VERTICAL SQ 100 20 SEP 19 60/60.5 CALL @.15" That is a bearish move expecting SQ to be under 60.00 by 9/20 (This was closed for 50% gain already)
  • I will be primarily selling spreads and also using technicals to find OTM lottery picks I expect to make a strong move.
  • You will receive text and e-mail alerts for each of the trades
  • You must be able to sell options. Most brokers have it set at Options Level 3. Call your broker for details or to see if you are eligible to do these trades.
  • Alerts will be sent to members of Income Switch and I will post trade results in social media following after.
  • You won't ever win every single trade.  There are going to be draw downs and moves up.  This is a process, if you are expecting to make 100k off of a 25k account in a year you are going to be very upset.  Trust the process and let it play out.
The overall goal is to make a few thousand dollars a month to continue to build it up. Slowly increasing our plays to make larger gains as the portfolio builds up. I would like to have the account at least doubled by end of 2020. Going into an election year the trading style will change however so if you plan on doing this for a long while, make sure you pay attention.  
Let us know if you have any questions.  This is an exciting thing for us and a lot of people have been asking for help doing this.  Here you go, let's grow our accounts together!