What is our trading style?



Our Current Portfolio

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Long Term Trades

Trades that are being held 4-12 months


Back To The Basics

When I first started trading I lost A LOT of money.  I would be too aggressive and jumped in and out of trades without being prepared.  The BTTB trades are traded in the style that made me successful.  They are typically 1-10 week trades that I start by purchasing only 1-2 contracts of the selected stock.  I then follow these trades daily, and on big drop down days/weeks I add 1-2 more contracts to average down.   The stocks I pick are very volatile and do have a tendency to drop in price but typically ALWAYS bounce back up to the resistance level.  That's exactly what I am looking for.  If the stock does not drop down and continues to raise I will either hold or exit for profit.


Trade Of The Day

The Trade Of The Day (TOD) is sent out every morning with reasoning and instructions on why we are making the trade that we chose.  These are typically set up for day trades but sometimes swings can be very profitable.


Income Switch Weekly Pay CheckTrades

These trades are designed to protect you in a down market, and in an up market designed for you to collect weekly premium or cash in your account.  Really a win/win situation.


Other Trades

These trade are usually very high risk and don't reccomend these trades for the faint of heart.  They are "lotto plays" that move fast and can move a lot either direction.  If you want to be conservative, I do not think you should enter these.


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